What makes a great cart abandonment flow in Klaviyo?

Your shopping cart is the connector between 'lookers' and shoppers.

It is the cash register of your business where value gets exchanged for a price.

When we think about why a potential customer decides to check out or to leave your shop entirely - it could be due to so many variables.

Waiting in line at the checkout

Here are some reasons why they left -

  1. Their Dog decided to throw up on the rug
  2. The wife got just got home and the 'promised' washing up was not done
  3. They got spooked by the shipping cost
  4. Your customer took a call 
  5. No reason at all - surprise!
  6. Out of stock for something - and they are going to wait
  7. Lack of payment 'options'

We had an investor once say to us "make things easy to buy, that way they become easy to sell".

All too often there are multiple steps to the checkout process of most shopping carts. Allowing your shoppers to check out as guests is a great way to avoid any friction.

Now we know the reasons why people leave items in your shopping cart. Let's dive deep into what makes a great cart abandonment flow in Klaviyo.

And what to look out for and also what to include in the ideal 'find the cash' left in your virtual shopping cart flow.

A Great Cart Abandonment Flow in Klaviyo Email 

  1. Build out a sequence that is inline with your brand - don't just write boring copy. This is your chance to write some of your best copy.
  2. More than one less than ten. Write 4-5 emails that remind the customer why they should come back and purchase.
  3. Make it fun and somewhat entertaining. Speak in human. 
  4. Focus on getting them back to the cart page. 
  5. Remind them who you are and why they were at your site.
  6. Send them your personal details so they can get in touch.
  7. Only discount or offer coupons if you think that is required. TEST
  8. Use short emails and subject lines - have some fun

Thats it - sounds easy - however less than 5% of eCom stores have a great Flow setup.

The formula above will start saving you over 20% of your lost revenue.

If your looking to have someone write you Cart Abandonment emails, set the flow up and start segmenting them within your Klaviyo - then reach out.