The Leshan Giant Buddha 乐山大佛 is a 71-metre tall stone statue, built between 713 and 803, depicting Maitreya. It is carved out of a cliff face which faces two meeting rivers. It is the largest stone buddha in the world.

From Chengdu it takes a little over an hour by bullet train to arrive in the town of Leshan, where the buddha is located.

The DaFo (giant buddha) is an impressive site with it ears measuring more than 6m long.

From the base of the buddha looking back up you can really appreciate the sheer size and the work involved in craving this from the cliff face.

The stairway leading to the base of the buddha. Lucky on the day we went the crowds were small and we actually got to walk down and up without queuing. By the time we came back up the crowds were starting to appear.

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