Thing I learnt at Startup Weekend GC 2015

As an established marketer with an international ad network, I was ‘lured’ into another startup weekend by the guys at River City Labs, Aaron Birkby. I love the hustle of the startup community and with the event only 30 minutes drive away — totally made sense for me to attend.
We actually bought tickets to start up weekend before attending #SydStart so that event a fortnight or so before hand really lit the startup spark into me really ready for the weekend.

I have been lucky in the past to meet and build great relationships with developers and coders at other events like startup weekend and was keen to find some more. Ideally I was looking for a lead — full stack developer.
I didn’t pitch, but took some notes on ideas from the pitches, (do not say you have never thought about an idea you have heard ‘pitched’ and just how you would build the next unicorn!). There were some sneaky ideas that I was interested in hearing more about.
Points of interest that I re-learnt.

  1. Not all problems have any solutions — it seems the more people analyse the world the more they see ‘problems’ that a Bluetooth, smartphone or app can solve.
  2. That your industry does not need a ‘uber’ for X. People still buy things in physical locations, they prefer to meet and greet, there is also a massive amount of people who still prefer to build and grow a network.
  3. Real estate seems like a wide open market for a startup to come in and easily destroy the status quo.
  4. Some good ideas are often pitched by people poorly — don’t get the attention they need because they cannot sell in their pitch.
  5. Moving fast is better than not making decisions at all.
2 60SecondBooks4 5 I joined Richard who had a quirky idea about speed reading-summarised-bullet points of business books. The problem being that we all start business type books, and although we love them and all learn from them a huge majority of us don not finish them at all.

His pitch was full of smiles, crowd laughter and the premise was we could all benefit from reading a #60secondbook. It was clear I could help monetise an Ad supported model and had some experience quickly recruiting some people (aka Authors etc)from twitter etc so I went and joined the team.

So we built #60second books — pivoted to Snackable Books — had some interesting ideas from the 6 person team. The book covers we made in canva for business and the images were from open source clip art sites.


The team rocked out an entire business in 2 days. We got a few sales quickly and then a lot had some unsolicited investment, which was cool!