Thinkings of Don

The power of one

The startup, tech, coaching world is always full of ‘teams’ or as they say in the VC world ‘cohorts’, and I know its a bunch of BS. I was listening to a angel investment firm’s webinar yesterday afternoon and it was about why a group of people might get further down the road in a startup VC firm’s eye’s rather than a singular ninja super focused on the tasks at hand ( their startup idea). I like many other guys who hustle day to day for a crust,  ...

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The only way to email anyone

    In the past there has been way to much emphasis on finding the right person to contact four great idea, pitch, proposal, ‘connect’. Or what can I get from that one off ‘connect’. I have been a @garyvee follower since I can remember watching him talk about Wine, back when my brother was on his show, something always struck me was two things. ‘Give me a set of eyeballs and I can monetise them’. There is a video of hime ringing companies in  ...

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