Thing I learnt at Startup Weekend GC 2015

As an established marketer with an international ad network, I was ‘lured’ into another startup weekend by the guys at River City Labs, Aaron Birkby. I love the hustle of the startup community and with the event only 30 minutes drive away — totally made sense for me to attend. We actually bought tickets to start up weekend before attending #SydStart so that event a fortnight or so before hand really lit the startup spark into me really ready for the weekend. I have been lucky in the past to  ...

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Thinkings of Don

Always be surprised

Life is cool. I think sometimes we all get a bit ‘fuzzed’ by questions like, if only I had more clients or “have I made it, yet?” I know first hand from building, hustling and living a start-up life that sometimes its hard to see anything from the trees. Its hard to slow down and take a breath. I don’t really now when enough is enough – my fiancé of 14 + years knows me too well when she says that I have an addiction – I get way to ‘fixated  ...

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The $200k long weekend and a new #mancrush

This could go on for a bit, so bear with the ramblings. BackStory and some context... I first met ‘Thor’ (aka Gulliver Giles) over three years ago when we had a few very super casual phone calls about sales, teams of sales and how I sell for my company. We were doing well, starting our 2nd year in business and already hit a few 6 figure months comfortably. He was a bit taken back – he admitted this recently and actually apologised for not helping me back then -more on this  ...

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agency builder, Thinkings of Don

Selling for the last time | The end game of sales

Over the past few years I have been fascinated by the VC, investing, seed capital and angel investing world. Obviously as a business owner, its always interesting to think about the ‘value’ of your own enterprise and the ‘potential’ you could get for your little hacked together start-up. The funny thing about hearing that a picture taking app goes for billions or that has ben acquired for 25 times multiples is, to me brilliant. Its another sale, its simply  ...

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