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Case Study – Local Search Engine Marketing 

Timeframe –  Monday the 25th November 2014 – October 17th 2016.

We built the site on the Dandelion Theme from Genesis

We have delivered 22,714 sessions from our SEO and SEM marketing.

A metric we are super proud of is 4 pages views per visitor on average over the life of the site.

We built a super simple site, have it organically featured for 35+ keywords.

Going after both local phrases and specific fishing techniques, species and locations we have been able to fill Brad’s charter business of super qualified inbound leads.

I personally wrote all of the content on the site and have slowly built new SEM links over the past

12 months, including reaching out to some local sites and received some great back links.

Fishing Charters Gold Coast

SEM links for high Page Rank and Domain Rank – we have a banner link and have a 10% for this customers we have listed again as a 10% off list.

This was a great ‘niche-specific’ link from a local retailer – we negotiated a great link-swap to get listed on the Fishing Charters list.

We received this link from a sponsorship / Link-swap from

21,757 Video Views

When we had some time on the water with Brad we made some really basic videos around content that we saw people were searching for online. Keywords like how to troll for flathead, How to collect your own bait, and deep water fishing for jewfish.

We also knew that fishermen love the sight of other people catching fish, so we added some of those styles of videos too and have them shared on the Facebook page.


Brad’s business has increased 5 x from when we started with him. He has had to bring on another two captains and another boat to help cover the bookings he receives from the inbound SEO-driven business.

Brad has ventured into some small paid budgets for his charter, however, he never really allocated much budget towards a long term campaign. We have seen his likes on Facebook increase and he does receive constant enquiries when we are active on social.

The time he has spent on social always seems to lead to an increase of really unqualified leads, mostly people looking for Tips and ‘locations’ vs people wanting to book.

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