10 raging fans vs 10,000 followers

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I was talking with one of our clients this morning about the importance of talking directly to one ‘person’ of your audience VS trying to sell to everyone (which really turns into one one). And we discussed the need of validation of an idea that this business was having.

There are 3 owners of this business, there is the brand named boss, the co-founder who is the brains and the investor.

The investor wants to get a return on her money. See the brand do well and scale.
The Brand name boss is a rising star in his national network and wants to build a speaking gig on the back of his business / personal brand.
All the while, the co-founder ‘brains’ wants to balance the books and carve out a nice life for themselves.

The metrics everyone is using and my role has been hard in providing a measurable goal that is different for all three!

One person is dead set on building the financial side of the business. One is dead focused on building a legacy. The other is more focused on building a massive social media following.

Here is my standard response to the social media thing and why we are focused 100% on this moving forward.

  1. We have run $15,000 work of Facebook ads for this client, both as a media building team and as a media buying consultant. (in both capacities)
    1. While we have had some amazing results, there are a few massive players in this category that crushed our Ads and targeting.
    2. We saw some interesting results from building a content strategy that drew leads in like moths to a flame.
    3. Conversion rates from Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are almost 80% – with organic reach and no ad spend!
  2. 10 true fans – the ones that froth at the chance to talk, tweet or send you emails is always better than a following of no-ones.
    1. I have personally recruited clients from NO ads spend because they liked what I spoke about on social media, namely Growth hacking & content marketing.
    2. These fans listen, consume and are living and breathing billboards for you and your brand.
  3. Followers of big brands are thin like a crepe
    1. The value of a fanpage or instrgam account that has 10,000 fans is subjective – at best.
    2. The followers are, more often than not – just ‘scrollers’ not ‘engagers’ meaning they follow alot but do nothing.

10 Fans

Loyal customers of your brand. They share your content, read your posts, interact with your news feed and email you.
These are your best customers.


These are the 'follow anything crowd' they show up for hashtags and 'like-for-likes'.
Often they do not know you or your business. They do not know how to reach you, and spend money with you.

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