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August 8, 2016

Data, Optifire

Optifire – Ventured Episode

Optifire is an off page retargeting solution that builds audiences from content shared anywhere online. To learn more about retargeting your users on any site or platform head over to #Ventured sat down with Don Christie and Mike Wallas to talk about working with agencies, leveraging your social audience, and validating an idea through hard work and product refinement.

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electric skateboard


We have just started with a new client that has these wicked scooters. It is called a Kush Steezer, and they are insanely good fun. They are capable of speeds up to 60km per hour. They are locally assembled here in Queensland and have strong ties in the electric ‘fun’ community. This week we will be making some videos showing some unique angles of the scooter. The videos will be posted to youtube and also on the Future Electric facebook page == Just quietly I am looking forward  ...

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